Business Cards



After our discussion in class about business cards, it made me become more aware of how they are laid out and how much can fit into such a small space. Recently, I started my own business with a network marketing company called Arbonne. Since then I have been looking a lot more closely at business card layouts and how they look.

This is just one design that I found off Google of an Arbonne business card, and it is quite similar to the layout I will be ordering soon. However, the thing I dislike the most about this card is how the Arbonne symbol is cut off on the left hand side. I think that the companies symbol should be properly displayed in a clear and full manner. The layout that I will be getting my cards done in fully shows the symbol and has a design on the back of the card as well.


My favourite part about this card is the words across the bottom “Beautiful Botanicals. Beautiful Science. Beautiful You.” I like this because I feel it accurately describes the company. Arbonne prides itself on its 100% pure and natural ingredients that are used in their products.  They are made in Switzerland everything they carry from a face wash to a protein shake will benefit your skin or health in some way. That’s why I like the saying on the bottom of this card because it appears to sum up the company in a matter of six words.

– Paige Reid   

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