Retro Fun in the Sun

Retro Fun in the Sun

I found this advertisement for OPI nail polish while scrolling through Pinterest today.

I don’t know if it’s just me who wonders this, but what is it about these nail polish colours that make them considered “retro”? To me it’s just an assortment of pretty colours. Nothing about the polish shouts out retro to me but what does is the advertising.

I think that the curled hair, red lips and the red full-piece polka-dot bathing suit work as a semiotic for retro style. It seems very Marilyn Monroe-esk, which we often associate with a retro look.

Even the font seems retro to me. I like how they use contrast with the font. Using red for the word sun makes it stand out and tie into the colour of her outfit.

There’s also contrast in terms of the overall colour scheme of the advertisement. The light blue and red work really nicely together because they’re so different.

They use repetition in the advertisement to showcase all the different colours of nail polish. I thought it was interesting that they put the green and yellow nail polish next to each other because they are so similar and there is so little contrast between the two. But they did separate the red and pink colours.

They effectively use the concept of rule of thirds by putting the models face in the right hand area of the ad. This helps make a simple image look a bit more interesting and help draw the viewer’s eyes to the subject.



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