The Male Gaze: A Cross Cultural Viewpoint

The male gaze viewed cross culturally

The notion of the male gaze is something that I had only become familiar with throughout Audio Visual Communications. It is one however, which I find interesting in better understanding how females are viewed in media.

While this cartoon does not include visual innovation, it does successfully create a representation of the male gaze cross culturally. This states that we associate the male gaze with the way females present themselves across the globe. The cartoon is very standard for a political spoof, with large bolded lettering and caricature like drawings.

An interesting use of Photoshop would be to compile an image with two real life females sporting preferred attire. This could be done through the use of layering the images, then using the magic wand tool to remove each for their respective backgrounds. I would like this image to be symmetrical to ensure neither female holds dominance over the other. From there the gradient effect could better create a smooth transition, allowing for a better quality photo. Using the shape tools to create the word bubble, and then the text tool to create the chosen words we could then include these text boxes. I think this image would be more powerful to those viewing as it would be more hard hitting then a lighthearted cartoon.

– Emily


One thought on “The Male Gaze: A Cross Cultural Viewpoint

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