Website Comparisons

In today’s modern world where technology is everywhere, websites are a very important method of communication and information exchange for companies. With the rise of the internet and the popularity of websites, the need for good design principles when making a website have become an issue that companies discuss regularly. Two websites that I believe are very different in their approach are Yahoo and MSN. Both website provide news, sports, weather, and trending topics to the reader, but that is where the similarities end.

            Yahoo and MSN both take different approaches in their attempt to convey information to their readers. Yahoo takes a Facebook-like approach. Their news is displayed in a chronological fashion with the newest information at that top. This style is very similar to that of the newsfeed on Facebook. MSN takes a very different approach. They have divided their websites into sections like recent news, entertainment, and sports. This division separates all of the different news articles into categories as opposed to a big grouping of all news.

            I find that Yahoo’s website is a lot more cluttered. While they follow good design principles with consistency and repetition, their alignment is not as good as MSN. MSN separates their news into easy to read categories. If I was interested in entertainment news it would be easier to view that information that it would be to go through extra clicks on Yahoo to make sure that the newsfeed style is only displaying entertainment news. Some improvements Yahoo could make would be to make it easier to choose what type of news the reader is exposed to. If they did this, their website would have much better clarity similar to that of MSN.

– Brittany Smith


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