A Lack of Colour

For this blog entry, I thought I’d talk a bit more about colours, especially about bringing colours and titles to the ‘front’ of the picture.

Now, we have heard of how hot colours and cool colours react differently when used correctly for visual design purposes but what I would like to show you today is how the LACK of colour can work in your benefit. To help me illustrate this point, I have brought an image of Ms. Lara Croft shipwrecked for the cover of the new Tomb Raider game (yes, we’re going into a nerdy zone).

As you can see, the main body of the target as well as the background has in some sense been sucked of the majority of its colour while keeping more of the prominent tones intact (i.e. the blood and pieces of her attire). Strategically, the two colours for the title (white and red) are matched over her, but the white is very bright and red has a cooler quality than normal.


Now, I know what you’re thinking; ‘Stephen… the colours are sticking out because they are the only defined colour in the picture, stop your rambling!’ A valid point! Though what my aim to point out is that the entire background is not black and white, and that essentially the broadness of the title and the colours are actually helping to hold the prominence of the other colours back.

This, effectively, causes a shift allowing the title to be at the ‘front’ and the image to be at the ‘back’. It also catches the eyes rather quickly as you might guess, as the lack of colour in an environment where colour is profuse (such as a gaming store) allows it to stand out.

So, summary check!

1. Taking away colour from an image and matching a title over it with a broad contrast can help to ‘suck’ the remaining colour way and draw the eye.

2. Sometimes, it is the lack of colour that can make a product or poster stand out.

Thank you for reading!


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