Bad, bad business card.

Bad, bad business card.

Business cards are a key part of most companies. They’re a sign of who you are, and will leave an impression to whomever the card is being given to.

This is an example of a business card that was poorly designed, unfortunately. There are many things wrong with it. Let’s analyzing the CRAP of the design.

Contrast: There really isn’t much contrast, with the exception of the light/whiteish blue, and the darker sky blue. This leaves my eye very confused at what to focus on first.

Repetition: There is no repetition, but that’s okay. Repetition isn’t necessary when designing something, in this case a business card.

Alignment: This was not thought out very well… at all. We have what he can do on the top left that is justified to the left. We have contact information just off center that is center aligned. Then we have random text just placed about. With no plan of action for alignment, it can be very distracting and make what you’re designing hard to look at. Alignment also plays with positioning.

Position: It was clear that there was no prior planning that went into the position design of this business card. The content of the business card is positioned so randomly that I find it makes it hard to look at. Where do you look first?

The only locus of attention that is clear is the wolf in the left half of the business card, and even that is rather hard to look at. Overall, the quality of the business card is very poor.

When you’re designing a business card, for example, it is important to plan and figure out what the important information is you want to get across. I found a good site with some great tips for designing an effective business card. Thought I’d share:

– Kyle


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