Business Card Boot Camp


I found this business card on Google for dog training and thought it was quite interesting.

I like the font that was chosen for Dog Training, the font reminds me of something that would be on a military “boot camp” poster, which makes the tone of the dog training seem more serious and intense. I like how the colour used in “Dog Training” is white and the silhouette of the dog is too.  I think it is nice how the font is aligned to one side of the card, this makes the card easier to read. Although I do find the dogs mouth and nose is somewhat distracting from the information.

However I love the colour contrast if the purple and the orange and how the white shape of the dog works so well in this. I also find it interesting how the dog paw is where the brain would be. I feel these images work well for this business card, with the representation of a dog without actually using a photo of a dog just an outline. As well as using a paw in the brain area to link it with training.

Overall I really like this business card, and think it is quite cute. Although I would get rid of the word phone and email as it is unnecessary and somewhat dated.



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