How Ironic

How Ironic

I decided to look up “cool business cards” on google and see what interesting designs companies had come up with. The first 20 seemed different, somewhat “cool” and then I spotted this one.
This business card comes off as the opposite of “cool”. To me, it looks boring, it looks plain and if I were sorting through a pile of cards I wouldn’t even notice it. It was very ironic to me that this would end up in a “cool business card” search. This isn’t cool.
It wasn’t until my confused thoughts running through my head were over that I noticed the business card was actually for a company that worked on illustration and design. This shocked me. This was showing absolutely no semiotics of design or illustration. It was showing the complete opposite. This company was literally named “Supergood illustration and design” and had super bad design skills.
For a “Supergood” illustration and design company, they should have focus on good design to attract people. They could have used an exciting or colorful semiotic of design so show they are “Supergood”. They could have added contrast with the background and font. The cardboard looking background doesn’t exactly draw attention. The font seems to be aligned but it is all on an angle. The font type is even a boring font. With one glance at this business card I would never assume it was a illustration and design company, I would assume it was a typical office job that isn’t well known.
– Alexandra


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