Real estate ad gone wrong.

Real estate ad gone wrong.

This print advertisement is an example of visual communication gone wrong. I found it difficult to even figure out what the ad was for at first glance. After reading through, it turns out that it’s for a real estate organization, called Puravankara.

I’ll start out on a positive note by saying that the colour choice of yellow and blue works nicely together, because as we’ve learned in colour theory, they are complementary colours and a good example of contrasting colours.

Now on a more critical note, this image looks like an absolute mess of information. I’m still unsure of what exactly I should be looking at. I don’t know what the focal point is supposed to be or how many visual elements are supposed to be in the image. When considering the principles of CRAP, this image is certainly lacking in the proximity department. Because the text is centred and so close to the other text it’s hard to tell whether or not some of it is supposed to be separate or together.

There is no consistency in terms of font choices. There’s a fluctuation between serif and sans serif, upper case and lower case, bolded and italicized, etc.

Overall I think this is a boring image but there are so many minor things they can do make it more appealing to potential customers. Maybe by aligning the text to one side of the ad and by being more consistent they would be able to get better usage out of the space they have to work with. If the organization reconsidered the layout of this print advertisement, a lot more customers would probably want to contact them.


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