Zebra: Contrast

Zebra: Contrast

I love animals and love looking at photos people have taken or edited of animals, they always look so beautiful. This photo of the zebra caught my eye because of the way the black and white stripes stand out on the warm red and orange background. The use of the combined warm monochromatic red and orange colours on the background is what makes the stripes on the zebra stand out so well, you can clearly tell that the zebra is the centre of attention- which makes this photo a good example of properly used contrast. Whoever edited this photo did a good job of making the zebra look important, prominent, and the main focus of the photo. Although the background is also beautiful, the crisp stripes and outline of the zebra definitely stand out much more.

Contrast is created in a unique way through the use of colours, giving much visual interest to the photo. There aren’t really any solid colours used in this photo, it is a nice combination that flows very nicely and gives a smooth finish to the photo. I have learned in this course that our eyes like contrast and contrast on a page draws our eyes to the main focus- which is the zebra in this case. Even though this photo is very simple I think it is a very good example of good contrast.


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