I am going to apologize ahead of time for the quality of my image. My beaten and battered Iphone3   doesn’t take the greatest pictures, but when I saw this menu at a fish and chips restaurant in Toronto over my study break I had to take a picture and share it on the blog.

There are two main reasons that I thought this menu was horrible, as well as quite relevant to two of the four principles of basic design, or otherwise known as C.R.A.P. I will start by criticising the contrast or lack of, on this menu. As one will notice when they first look at it every word or price on the page is the exact same size font without any words bolded. Not only does it make the menu look bad but it was also the hardest menu to understand that I have ever seen. It was hard to tell what the difference was between the name of the dish was and what the different options where for that dish as all the worlds looked the same. In the four principles of design it states if something is not the same make it very different. That is what is needed to create some contrast and ultimately make it easier for customers to understand what exactly they are ordering.

The second is the alignment. Just from taking a quick glance at the menu you can notice that not even the prices are lined up on the menu. Everything is scattered randomly throughout the page making it near impossible to understand the menu. You will also notice that the option to have your meal with chips is never in the same area on the page but always in a random location.

This menu is the definition of C.R.A.P. if you take away the periods between the letters. I was truly amazed at how confusing it was and after trying to understand it for few minutes I just decided to go with the safe option and get fish and chips.



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