I have seen a few really cool ideas for business cards lately, many of them just cool designs or made out of interesting materials. Although they were not the regular boring business card printed on a thick white piece of paper they would still probably get lost or thrown out at some point if they were in my possession. The picture I have attached, on the other hand is not only a business card but something that will come in hand at some point in the future. It is small enough to fit in a wallet and works as a functioning bottle opener.


This is by far one of the best ideas I have seen for a business card yet. It is something that people will hold onto because of its function which in turn results in potential clients keeping your information for the moment when they need it. There are a few other business cards I have seen while surfing the internet that also serve other functions. Some of these are cards that act as a shoe horn, paperclips, lock picking tools, and USB’s. All of these seem as if they would be much more effective than a regular business card because they have other functions. I know personally when I see a creative business card it makes more inclined to hold on to it and likely use that business in the future.




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