A little photoshop tutorial!


I was wondering what I was going to post for this blog post, then I thought I would do a tutorial on something I learned here a couple months ago. Nothing to major, but it can give you a neat and stylish look, depending on how you implement the technique.

I’m sure most of us know how to use the text tool, but do you know how to type text on a path? No? Well, let me show you!

First, take the pen tool and draw a path. For this purpose, I’m just drawing a random path. If you were designing something, for example, you could draw a path along the edge of a building, up a tree trunk, around a rock, or something similar.

Second, after you’ve drawn your path and you’re happy with it, take the text tool and set the settings as you wish (font size, font, etc.) then click at the beginning of the path you drew, and start typing! Now all the text that you’ve typed will follow along the path you created.


Excuse my awesome grammar and proof reading skills. “Step 2: Click on the start of the PATH with the text tool and start typing!”

So, here is a picture I found online. Just for the purpose of showing what you can do, I did some text around a rock.


Anyway, hope you enjoy! Have some fun. 🙂



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