Beyonce: Visual Rhetoric

Beyonce: Visual Rhetoric

I’m a big fan of Beyonce for many reasons, and I loved this advertisement for her world tour. This photo represents so much power, and Beyonce’s stance and facial expression successfully portrays that power. By the way she looks, the accessories, and the focus on her it gives off the point that she is “taking on the world” for her world tour. This is a great example of a photo telling a story. Of course the text helps by saying “BEYONCE… THE MRS. CARTER WORLD TOUR,” and if there were no text at all you couldn’t just assume that Beyonce is holding a world tour. However if the text weren’t there, you would still understand that it is a very powerful photo. If you were a fan or know of Beyonce, you could probably go as far as assuming that she is about to do something huge by looking at this photo.

I find it very interesting how photos can tell a story or create meaning. Visual aspects and materiality contribute to expressing the meaning of this photo- the throne and jewels emphasize importance and success, and the way Beyonce represents herself in this photo proves that she is important and successful. The meaning of this photo is that Beyonce is back and feeling inspired. The Mrs. Carter Tour will be her first tour since she had her baby, which is a very big deal for an artist/entertainer, and this photo definitely gives off that meaning.


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