Cool Postcard



In reference to the March 5th PowerPoint I remember talking about postcards and their purpose, form and function. I found a picture of this postcard on Google and I thought it would be a perfect example to talk about. This original message of this postcard is lost because the plan has already been built, however, it can be assumed it has to do with sending mail on a plane.

            The purpose of this postcard is to engage their clientele and for the people receiving this postcard to simply not just throw it in the garbage. The amount of spam email and junk that people receive in the mail today; marketers are constantly struggling to find new ways to stand out. This was talked about recently in another class, direct marketing, and this postcard is a perfect example. It engages the consumer and allows the person to build it into a little wooden airplane after the postcard has been read/looked at. Even in it’s built airplane form the overall message of the postcard can still be understood.

            The form of this postcard is the wooden material in which it’s built. While the postcard is a typical ‘boring standard layout’ around the parameter of the card, the inside has punch-outs to create an airplane. Thus, creating an interesting, fun and interactive postcard for the consumer.

            The function of this postcard, as with any postcard, it to be actually read- and even better acted upon. This postcard is more than likely advertising a mail company and they want consumers to send their mail through them. The overall function of this postcard would be for consumers to send any future mail through this company.  

– Paige Reid 


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