Creating some controversy


This is just one of three new advertisements being put up in numerous New York subway stations around the city, and many people are not happy about them.

I was wondering what you guys might think. This is a case of someone trying to get a message across to a particular audience, but not doing it in the right way. You see, many people are saying these ads are not only putting down teen mothers, but their children as well.

So what is this ad trying to tell us? That there are many negative consequences if a teenager chooses to have a child, however these scare tactics I do think will solve the problem. I know a few teen moms who have got it completely going on. I think NYC needs to take a better approach on the issue and maybe focus more on prevention.

As for the ad itself, I think it makes good use of contrast, but I hate the picture. I would not want to to see a crying baby on my way to work.

What do you guys think?



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