Logo Typography: Mean more than you mean

I guess I’m on a “meanings” spree, but this post has a similar theme to the last!  (Though with slightly more mainstream subject!)

Some logos are iconic; the red and white of Coca-cola, Apple’s apple, the list goes on and on.  Yet some brands go a step further, making their brand’s logo – and specifically typography – show more than just a name.  These brands add personality, identity, and layers to a brand’s logo to make it truly stand out – to those that notice, at least.


Amazon has just about everything, right?  So does their name.  The arrow literally goes from “A” to “Z”!


Baskin Robbins sells 31 types of ice cream – easy to remember, when it’s right in the logo!


Fedex’s font is unique, the word’s kerning exactly right to make an arrow between the E an x!  Pretty good symbol, since once you see it, it’s hard not to!


Formula 1 uses white space in their graphic to form the 1, an the red stripes show the speed of the races.


cluenatic, a puzzle game, creates a much more enigmatic logo, with the letters for “CLUE” each inside the rest, just like the game.

The logos make great Easter eggs, which although not always notice by everyone add a bit of cool factor for those that take the time to find it.  As a graphic designer, although clever, I wonder if the ones who designed each wishes more people noticed!

(To see more logos, and where these came from, go here!)

– Sarah


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