Alright, ladies and gentlemen!

So, no picture for this one, but I promise what I am about to share with you is worth more than a thousand words! Today, I am posting about the infamous ‘snap’ tool that can make carrying over images between Photoshop & InDesign a breeze!

So, lets say you have just finished editing an image for a client and you need to import it into InDesign to put it into a fabulous brochure you designed. You could save it as a file and then close Photoshop and wait for InDesign to open, or try using the bridging program for (wait for it…) more waiting!!

However, if you already have the two programs open, you can transfer it over as easy as a *snap* (okay, I’ll stop.)

Here is what you do; take one of the windows (Photoshop or InDesign) and shrink it by hovering your mouse around the edges of it. Now, once it is at a size you can easily move around, grab it and drag it across your desktop and further, so far you can’t even see it on your computer monitor. What is going to happen is that an outline is going to appear that spaces off half of your screen and simply let go of the window you are holding and it will ‘snap’ into place.

Do this again with your other window so that they are now side by side! Now, grab the image you have in Photoshop and just drag it over into the InDesign window and the image should carry over! No need to copy and paste, only dragging!

Well, that is it for me! If my instructions were not good enough, just find me in class and I shall gladly give you a tutorial!

Stay awesome fellow bloggers,

Stephen Andrews


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