Target Hit With Brand Consistency

Target Hit With Brand Consistency

Our guest speaker on Tuesday spoke a lot of branding, and effective marketing techniques. One of these outlined was the importance of brand consistency. This is particularly important to brand recognition, across multiple mediums.

This article speaks of brands that excel in brand consistency. It speaks particularly to groups that focus on multiple social media networks with common messages, and images. One that I feel stood out would be Target. The shade of red target has associated itself with makes it possible for brand consistency with just a colour. While reviewing twitter, Facebook and other pages you will see the colours red and white, along with their signature shape, the bullseye. This goes back to another note addressed being the importance of simplicity. These simple symbols and shades keep consumers attentive without being overly stimulating.

Other companies noted included Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. Check it out!

– Emily


One thought on “Target Hit With Brand Consistency

  1. It’s interesting that you post this now since Target seems to be receiving criticism for extending their brand to include the Mr. Rogers theme song as they role out their brand and presence in Canada. I think it’s an interesting approach and can understand why people might take issue with it but it personally doesn’t bother me. I noticed this article today because the song is sung by Dragonette, who I love!

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