Awesome Photograph






When I was browsing through some pictures online, this image immediately caught my attention. I’ve never seen something quite like it before. Just a winding road but with its oh so many bright, neon lights lining the road, it really takes your eye along on the trip with it.


I then analyzed it with the CRAP principles. Contrast is definitely a factor. The dark dark back drop and hills, make for the perfect contrast with the neon lights. Repetition is somewhat there, the lines repeat horizontally. Alignment is also used well here, the way the lines on the road are outlined, it allows your eye to carry along with the layout of the road. Finally, the proximity principle is also in effect, as the closer the road is to the camera, the bigger it seems, and the lights in the far off distant seem miles away.


This photo is extremely well done. It truly must have taken a great photographer to take this. It caught my eye, and is now also the background on my computer. If that doesn’t say catchy, I don’t know what does.  





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