Branding and its Importance

After Matt came into our class and gave a discussion on branding, it got me thinking more about the importance of branding and how you have to be so careful when marketing to your consumers. You want your audience to view a product or service in the same way you’re trying to reflect it through your brand. 

Branding does something very simple it separates your product from others and gives your audience a taste of exactly what you’re offering. You must remember you cannot be all things a customer may be need, so you must focus on main aspects so that the customer is happy with what they’re receiving. Image

My example for today will be Nike. Nike is a brand that is used for sporting goods and work out attire. Now when I think of Nike I immediately go to the Nike check which is there famous logo. This logo is very cool and trendy, so when I think of the company as a whole I think of trendy and hip new sporting attire. The company as a whole though tries to push on the customers their “story”. The employees at Nike all know the story of how Nike began and it is a very history oriented and history focused atmosphere. This Nike check mark certainly does not make me think of history, this is not an accurate way of displaying a companies brand. Image

Branding needs to be dealt with carefully because if you want to become successful. How and who you deliver your message too is very important, many different aspects must be looked over before applying a brand to a company. 



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