Burlesque Nail Design


My friend Adrianna has her own business called Burlesque Nail Design. As part of our assignment I had to analyze three ways she markets herself. The Facebook webpage is probably the most resourceful marketing tool of the business. It was created in 2009, around the same time as the business and now has over 2,600 likes. It is updated daily and frequently with different promotions or spots available. So the purpose is well executed but it’s the creative visual technique of her page and work that makes it a must see.

Her cover picture is a black background with Burlesque is big pink font, which is followed by nail designs in smaller white font. The contrast of white and black works well and the pink pops out. It also is classified as a feminine color so symbolically represents females. The actual word burlesque is used as over the top or exaggerated glitz and glam. When observing the images that are posting on a regular basis it is easy to see how perfectly it fits the nail designs. The images uploaded look as though they were taken professionally but they were really taken on Adrianna`s IPhone. This is an inexpensive way to demonstrate what she has created or been working on. It also makes it easy to tweet the images or post on instagram. The nails range from simple manicures to dramatic glamour topped with jewels.

 Other than just looking at the photographs of the nail art the page is well designed having bright colors that is attractive to the eye.  Although with an FB page there isn’t much external design the placement of her pictures and comments uses all of the space provided but does not crowd the page. It is strategically smart to have the recommendation box at the top of the page to the side so when users first glance at the page it is one of the first details they notice.



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