Generation Brand Overload

brandsAfter our visit with Matt Proctor, branding was on my mind. So I went back to my room and looked around and divided items in piles categorized as ‘brand names’ and ‘generic/non-brand names’. Quickly I noticed my brand pile was much larger then my non-brand pile.

I came to the conclusion that our generation has lives in a branding over load. Nothing is good enough or wearable unless it is a great brand name. Those of you who say you hate brand names and love Wal Mart or Joe Fresh guess what? Those are brand names too. We just can not escape it. From our clothes to cars and house appliances to body wash there is always a brand name attached to anything we do and use.

From Matt’s presentation I was also surprised that branding incorporates the 4 P’s: pricing, promotions, place and product. From first glace and future knowledge I assumed that branding was a simple concept that involved a logo, color plate and then they send if off to start constructing a advertising campaigns. I had no idea the behind the scenes efforts that went into branding.

So how do we escape it ? That’s the discussion topic I would like to purpose. How do we show these companies who are creating these bands that we do not need them in our lives?

I would like to hear back from you fellow classmates and hear what your opinion is on how brands are effecting our lives and if it’ a positive or negative thing!


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