Hidden Contrast


I know that I have posted on the blog before about contrast but, I’m going to do it again because this advertisement is too good to pass up. As you can see from looking at the advertisement there is some obvious contrast in the colours with the extremely blue background along with the Pepsi itself and the bright orange Cheetos. Orange and blue being on opposite sides of the colour wheel creates a great contrast with the colours and really draws your eyes to the ad. This definitely caught my attention of the bat, but after looking at the ad a little bit more I noticed that there is even more contrast than I had first thought.


This kind of contrast isn’t exactly what we have learned in class but it is in a way contrast. What I am talking about here is the drink and the snack. They are completely different but really complement each other. One without the other is kind of boring but together it creates and explosion of flavour. I’m sure if it is intended but it definitely is clever. Anyways that’s my two cents on this Pepsi ad.





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