Karl Lagerfeld can afford a great photographer

This picture is an image I found on the Karl Lagerfeld site. It is a really great photo, and it displays multiple of the CRAP principles.


Contrast- There is plenty of contrast in this image with the white and black alone. However, to add to it, there is a splash of aqua in the center of the photo. This really draws the eye to the middle.


Repetition- There is also lots of repetition in this photo, as we see the same shelves and what looks like similar shoes all the way across the photo.


Alignment- The alignment of this photo is great. They use the lines to direct your vision towards the center. They also have the lines in a straight fashion.


Proximity- The proximity principle is displayed in this photo as you feel as if the room is huge looking at the picture, yet the center of attention (the aqua colored ad) seems to be just a big as the room.


This is a great picture. It is very modern, and clean. I really liked how discreetly they drew your attention to the advertisement within the advertisement.   





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