Long Exposure Photography (Photo Credit: Gillian Graves)

This photo is another one that I found extremely cool. A friend of mine, Gillian Graves, took this picture using the long exposure mode on her camera. It is in fact called long exposure photography. In order to achieve this look, you must take the picture during the nighttime. What you’ll need to take this is:


-A camera with a long exposure mode


-A model, or however models of your choice

-A helper (this person will use the sparkler to outline your model)


One you have your camera set up on a tripod, light the sparkler, and count your helper in. Press the capture button, and get your helper to outline the silhouette of the model. Once the picture is finished taking, you will have your end result. It sometimes takes quite a few tries to get it right… but apparently some mistakes turn out better than the original plan! 



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