Now That’s Some Fresh Juice!


While deciding on which company to do my creative audit on, I happened upon this picture on one of the companys’ website. The company is Terra Beata Farm in Heckman’s Island, NS. The photo is of one of the workers lying in a flooded cranberry bog during the harvesting season.

What made me stop on this photo is its repetition. There are so many cranberries that have floated to the surface in the photo that it almost appears to cut the picture in two. Where the field of cranberries stops and the pond begins almost looks like two separate scenes.

I really think that this is a good photo for Terra Beata to use for promotional purposes. The bottle of juice in Sean’s hand allows there to be an example of one of the company’s products while the massive field of cranberries leaves no doubts what kind of products are produced at the farm. As well, the overall goofiness of the photo captures the culture of Terra Beata Farm. Having worked there for nearly a year, it didn’t take me long to discover it was an incredably laidback work atmosphere. All of the workers and management exist as a very close knit group. We all enjoyed having fun at work and did all sorts of things to make the work day go a bit quicker.

-Alex Greek


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