Photo convincing or not?

Photo convincing or not?

This photo uses two techniques that I can see to try and convince the audience whether this shampoo would be extra volumizing or not.

The picture uses elements of comedy to depict the idea of volume in hair. By using a male in a bathtub as well as giving him a long “volumous” hair do . This product is clearly to be for women who have lots of hair, so by targeting their audience and choosing humour this has been effective. Humour in advertising can be a hit or miss within different groups but in this case I feel it has been used effectively

The next technique used would be that the actually product is not the main attraction. The product can be found in the left hand corner but is ver minuscule compared to the remainder of the photograph. This is interesting because often companies will plaster their product over posters so that their brand name or product name is the first thing you see, this certainly was not the first thing I noticed. It was the nice looking man in the bathtub…. shocker I know!!

This photo from my own knowledge would have most likely have been edited in photoshop. The shampoo bottle and the text could have been easily layered on top of the bathtub .



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