Shop ’til you drop

Shop 'til you drop

I found this picture on Pinterest where I find a lot of my favorite pictures, ideas and styles. When I first looked at it I saw a woman falling, I thought it was real, keep in mind it was a lot smaller than this. When I clicked on the picture it got larger, still not as large as it here because it was on my iPhone. Then I realized this was an image on the side of a large building. But there were no words show so I was confused about why there was a woman falling holing a shopping cart.

I took a second to analyze it before reading the caption. The building was tall, with no windows, so it couldn’t be an office. I thought about what buildings I had seen that looked like this, shopping malls. Looking down at the caption it read, “Shop ‘til you Drop”. So it was an advertisement. This image of the woman falling was a shopper, and she was falling. It was an illusion they had created through design for advertising their shopping mall. With the contrast and different tints and shades, the lady appeared to be real and actually falling. The angle that the picture was taken at makes it all look so real. It’s essentially the semiotic of “shopping until you drop”, it’s a sign that a lot of shopping can be done at this mall.

I think this is a really interesting way of using visual design to advertise without words or a commercial etc. I would love to know where this is.



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