Simply Arbonne

I started a business with a company called Arbonne which sells everyday essentials from toothpaste, shampoo and deodorant, to cosmetics, vitamins and skin care.  Having just become a new independent consultant there is a lot to learn and I’m observing lots of new advertising. Going through their websites, DVDs, Facebook page, business cards there is a lot to take note of.

The designs are beautiful, fresh and clean just like the product. An interesting way they advertised was on the box your product comes in. The regular cardboard box that one would receive in the mail is covered in writing and green ink. Using green because the product is green friendly being vegan and botanically based. Using only the purest ingredients and using words like “superb, amazing, beneficial”, it got my attention immediately. Kind of like when you received a red or colored envelope in the mall. That color pops from the ordinary white ones demonstrating the effects of contrast as your eye is immediately drawn to it.

IMG-20130225-00089The use of words can be more powerful then images. It is hard to use an image to represent an image of something that is “amazing” as it would differ from person to person as it depends on what they consider to be amazing. This is based from their opinion and perspective on whatever is being observed. The product stands true to all of the words mentioned and has for over 30 years. Having never changed face it has always been this way.



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