Times Square

A few weeks ago, I was in New York City – perhaps the most logoiffic, brand-heavy place in the world, particularly in Times Square which is the size of several blocks with huge signs, screens, lights, images screaming at you. The interesting thing about Times Square is that, while it is a central hub for advertising, it has itself become its own attraction and brand on its own. The image of Times Square with what is now the old New York Times building standing at the centre of W 46th St. and 7th Avenue with Broadway cutting across is iconic. But why is Times Square so iconic? The advertising.

2013-02-18 02.31.13

Thousands of people, likely more, walk through Times Square every day, probably even every hour. Even at midnight, the place is pretty crowded. Yet the only thing that really sets it apart from anywhere else in the city, or anywhere else for that matter, is the abundance of advertisements that are so huge and so numerous. It has become a site to see for anyone who travels to NYC. Other than that, there are no rides in Times Square. There are no other real attractions in the actual space. Broadway shows are location all around it, yeah. Madame Tussauds is in the area. And there is lots of shopping and places to eat. So it’s interesting that a huge group of advertisements can draw people to see them in wonder.

As an aside, I also went to the Museum of Modern Art where I saw this painting that I think makes interesting use of negative and positive space, depending on perspective, but there seems to be more than two dimensions to this painting which is why I found it so interesting.

2013-02-23 15.52.17


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