“Where’s Fluffy?”

wheres_fluffy2 (1)





A signifier is a physical form of a sign, where as a signified is the meaning that is expressed by a sign. I didn’t really understand this concept until I started to think about how it could be applied in real life or with things that interest me.

Last week I was watching the movie Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. In the movie Nick and Norah and their friends goal is to try and find the band “Where’s Fluffy” in New York City by the end of the night to see the concert. Throughout the movie drawings of bunnies are left with a clue of where the band might be playing.

In this case the signifier is a bunny with question marks around it. The band “Where’s Fluffy” is the signified because it is the meaning that is being expressed behind the sign of the bunny with question marks. The “where” in the bands name is where the question marks come from in the signifier and the Fluffy comes from the bunny.

I think this example works well for understanding signifiers and signified. These are used every day, I bet you if you really look you could find many examples!



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