Winter Blues


During the winter months, I always browse Google images for warm and comforting photos to put as my desktop background. While I was searching Google to take away the winter blues I found this tropical beach photo.

The vibrant colours and soft wispy clouds drew me in. The photo follows the rule of thirds with the two chairs in the bottom left hand corner. The other islands in the photo make it seem like it goes on forever. I love the different shades of blue, and greens. As well as the white sandy beach which that leads into the ocean.

I feel that the photo gives off different textures with each element such as, the chairs on the beach would be made of wood, the grains of the soft sand between your toes, the warm soothing water, and the fluffy marshmallow clouds. All the different elements in the photo make it easy to wish you were on that beach.

Overall I love the how this picture follows the rule of thirds, the photo is easy to look at and not over crowded or distracting. Also I love how the main cloud has a shadow below it, because it looks like the cloud is so close to the ocean, almost as if you could reach out and touch it. This photo was by far my favourite one this winter.



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