A day full of questions!

Sitting in my room I was looking around at the different pictures and posters and noticing isometric unique colour mixes. One example, I have a picture of Kellan Lutz on my wall wearing a white tank top. What’s strange about that? The backgroundGetAttachment.aspx of the picture is white. I believe this technique was used because the only thing that’s not white I’d his face, part of his chest and his muscular arm. It draws you to the features they want you to focus on but still gives you the 3-D human characteristic.

Another poster on my wall is actually one I would like some answers to. The only white space on the poster is the writing. But would that really be considered white space because it isn’t just empty space. It’s the space used to create the message.

Lastly I would like to finish with a question. There are many rules in creating pictures and designs such as alignment, repetition, the rule of thirds, etc. If these rules are what makes a good design or the perfect photograph then why is it considered artistic to stray outside these rules? Some of the best work created is different than these rules because in order for something to me memorable, it needs to be different



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