Do you have a great idea but don’t really know the tools used to create it. This website will definitely help (

I often find in class I have these ideas in my mind that I am unsure how to go about. Last week I asked Kyle to show me how to have your words go around the edge of an image. I wanted to words to wrap around a light bulb instead of just continuing in a straight line. Of course he successfully showed me how to do this and has many neat tips and tricks up his sleeve but unfortunately our classmate, Kyle, will not always be sitting behind you when your great idea comes to mind.

Not only will this site refresh or teach you things you didn’t really understand in class, this site has some tutorials along with great ways to do neat things. Have you ever wondered how to colorize a black and white vintage photo? Or how to make your picture or person look like a pencil drawing? This website has you covered.

When making your projects don’t be afraid to step outside class material. Take a few minutes to look through sites like this one and learn new tools that will make your design stand out in a crowd. It’s not like you are just using this software for a class project, you are going to be a public relations professional and you are going to need to know how to use Photoshop for the rest of your career.

Besides your professional life, do you know how cool of a Valentine’s Day or Birthday card you can make in ten minutes? Add a personal touch in your Christmas cards this year instead of buying them at the dollar store. 5 minutes of your time to learn a new technique will put many smiles on your face.



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