goodbadcontrastWe have talked a lot about the importance of contrast in class as it is the first letter in the CRAP principle but you never really notice how important it is until you see two of the same picture. One with good contrast one with bad. A lot of my posts recently have been related to our creative audit but lets be honest that consumes most of my time and that’s where most of my ideas are generated. I was playing around with colours because unfortunately my organization requires me to focus on one particular colour. Creating a picture so that it is still interesting when you only want to use one or two colours requires good contrast. Colours that are complimentary are more likely to look appealing. Do not use two colours that are close to each other on the colour circle as they will be too similar and your design might get a washed out look.</p><p>Try different things. If you have your font blue and your background yellow and it doesn’t quite look right, try changing it up. Put our background yellow and your font blue. Trying differing things is the best way to create a masterpiece Also if you like your colour contrast but your words seems to be getting lost in the background, right click on your text layer and go to blending options and select stroke. It will outline your words making them more defined without requiring you to change your chosen colours. Enjoy</p><p>-Holly</p>


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