Creative Audit

When I was working on creating my creative package for our final project a few things came to my mind. How am I going to get attention with my work? Will my point get across? Where should this advertisement be displayed?

Let’s go on a little side note. Spy Kids. I was watching Spy Kids when they explained that kids can do things that adults cannot because adults over think things and look beyond the basics. They always think a problem must be more complicated then it has to be.

Now take a step back and think about your project. Don’t over think it. Go inside the box for a minute and think of what ‘elevator door message’ you want to get across and the simplest way to do this. Once you have your base idea that is when you can add in your creativity. Sometimes all the stress gets to us and we try to create some masterpiece by spending day in and out drawing out plans when all we need to do is step back and apply the basic principles. Don’t forget your CRAP (composition, repetition, alignment, proximity). Make sure you know your target audience and remember to think like a kid because sometimes the most brilliant idea is right under your nose but you’re too busy overthinking every step of the project. Relax.

Good luck everyone on your creative audit!!!


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