Extreme Advertising

The topic I wanted to talk about today was similar to my last topic about proofreading advertisements. Inappropriate advertisements are all around us. We see them every day, but most of the time we don’t fully understand the line that many of these ads cross. The picture I have attached is from LICRA, an organization that aims to stop racism and anti-Semitism in the world. While an organization that has noble causes, sometimes their marketing material can be seen as inappropriate.

            The picture I have attached is one that was published by them. It shows a number of babies in the nursery supposedly soon after birth. However, the inappropriate aspect of this picture is the black baby in a janitor outfit. This advertisement suggests that black people are doomed to work dead end jobs that do not pay very well. While extremely as inappropriate and condescending as this may seem, the text sheds some light on the true intention of this picture. The text reads “Your skin color shouldn’t dictate your future”. With that context it is quite clear that the advertisements intentions were to state that even though you might be a minority, it should have no impact on your will to succeed.

            At first glance this advertisement is very inappropriate, and that is what goes wrong with this picture. Most people won’t spend the time to look for the text and think about what they are trying to say. From the first glance it seems racist, and that is the opinion that most people will have about this advertisement and their organization. Companies and organizations like LICRA need to be sure to take the time to guarantee that their message is conveyed and conveyed very clearly without any confusion.

– Brittany Smith



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