Proofreading Signs and Marketing Material

         I’ve included a photograph of a sign for a company that didn’t quite turn out the way they expected to say the least. Advertising mishaps like these are actually more common than you might think, although not many are as exaggerated as this one or as easily noticed. The problem with advertising is that mistakes like these can leak through proofreading and make it in to production. Advertising mistakes like this can ruin your businesses appeal or make people think less of what you have to offer.

            You might think that advertisements like this that don’t convey meaning are not very common. Think about the last time you saw a commercial on TV that no one else you know liked? Why would a company publish an advertisement that the majority of people don’t like? Perhaps it is because that advertisement was not properly scrutinized before it was published. Companies should thoroughly read through and examine any marketing material that they plan to publish in order to ensure their ad will be well received. If they showed this ad to a large group of people within their company and tested it before they published it these mishaps would not happen.

            Megaflicks should have used a different font. I think we can all agree on that. However, there is more than just an unfortunate font at fault. Too many businesses, large and small, publish advertisements without proper proofreading and criticizing. If more companies went through the proper steps before publishing their advertisements, we would all see more polished ads that appeal to many more people.

– Brittany Smith 



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