Brand Recognition

            After our guest speaker in class and the slides about brands I found this photo that represents some of the top brands in todays marketplaces. So what exactly do these brands represent? Well someone will look at the Apple symbol and instantly know what is stands for, but what that symbols means to one person may be completely different from another person. For example, I am a proud Mac user, love the brand and product, however I know many people who dislike Apple for various reasons. Therefor, if I see the Apple symbol I would have stronger ties to the branding than someone who dislikes the company.

            How much are these brands worth? That question to me is mind blowing. These brands are worth astronomical amounts. The Coca-Cola brand is said to be worth billions of dollars –billions. For a brand name that seems a bit insane. Then again think about how well recognized, protected and how revered around the world that name is. When put into perspective that makes a little bit more sense.

            Many more well known brands can be found in this image such as the Nike’s checkmark, Starbuck’s symbol and golden M for MacDonald’s. We today as consumers are so immersed in brands and brand recognition it is kind of crazy. If you have every seen the movie Super Size Me, the man who conducts the crazy Macdonald’s diet interviews several children at one point in the film. He sits kids down and asks them if they recognize fast food brands and other various things. It was heartbreaking as a viewer to see that all of the children recognized that big ‘ol golden M for MacDonald’s but most of them didn’t know who a picture of man called Jesus was.
            Pretty terrifying when you think about it, huh? Marketers today are certainly doing a good job of constantly bombarding us as consumers with their brands and logos.


– Paige Reid Image


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