Controversial Ads

This is named as one of the most controversial ads that were ever made and it was created by Ford. Ford as we all know is one of the dominant car players in the world. I thought that it was extremely unacceptable that this ad was ever even run.

 This ad shows three women tied up in the backseat with the trunk door open. Each woman can be clearly seen with something tied around her mouth, and with her limbs tied with rope. Behind them is another woman who appears to be in the front seat- winking at the viewers. In the bottom left hand corner of the ad it says ‘Leave Your Worries Behind’.


Where do I even start with how I feel about this ad? Lets begin with how the people in the backseat tied up look like Kardashians. Or how about the fact that there are even people tied up in the backseat. What message if Ford trying to portray with advertisement? Personally, all I can think about is how inappropriate it is and how it symbolizes rape and kidnapping.

It blows my mind to think that an advertisement such as this was even given permission to be published. To even further this disgusting ad Ford also ran an Italian version, which consists of the same image with different cartoon people in the advertisement with a man in the front seat and a red coloured van.

I think that this version is actually worse than the American one- if that is even possible. Simply because the woman who are tied up in the Italian ad are in much more provocative clothing. This insinuates different messages to the viewer, but each person will interpret each ad differently. However, personally I am not a fan of either.


– Paige Reid ImageImage


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