Great Layout

Below I’ve posted an example of an effective layout of a website. It emphasizes most of the principles taught in class.

For my final project I helped reccomend some changes I thought would be effective for my client and his website. This layout gave me great ideas for mine.

It utilizes the CRAP principles well:

1) Contrast – It seems quite subdued until you see the blue box. “MORE.” I think it is encouraging your eyes to see more. Additionally the white text in conjunction with the dark background is excellent.

2) Repetition – It repeats patterns of boxes and placement of text.

3) Alignment – Edges are well aligned with each other. The picture stretches to the end of each text box. All the tabs are in line with each other and all the texts lines up with other text.

4) Proximity – The tabs are located next to each other but separated by a visual from the content of the site. Text boxes contain information relevant to their respective boxes.

Overall, it is a well made site. It is aesthetically appealing and exemplifies many of the core principles of good design.

– Chris


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