Do it on the Bus!


Halifax Transit put out a new campaign encouraging people to “Do it on the Bus”. In an effort to grow ridership and remain environmentally friendly, Halifax transit is hoping more people will complete their daily tasks while riding the bus. According to the ad, there isn’t much you can’t do on the bus. You can have a nap, read a book or newspaper and you can even make new friends on the bus.

The print campaign is what I want to focus on here. It’s colorful and vibrant while maintaining CRAP principals. The contrast works here. The print keeps to white and yellow which has a nice contrast to the background colors of light blue, nave and coral. The overall color scheme works and I think they make proper use of contrast throughout the print ad.

Repetition is definitely present in this ad. Each thing you can do on the bus is listed as a visual in a white circle. The circles are separated by yellow plus signs. This repetition keeps the message consistent and it keeps the eye flowing down the ad.

The rows of information are using the alignment concept. Everything is strategically placed on the ad to maintain proper alignment. The circles are listed in rows and the background grouping helps keep the information aligned.

All of the circles, the text even the images displaying what you can do on the bus are strategically placed beside each other to keep proximity in mind. The intro text is placed in a way so as to bring the eye to the next level. The circles are properly placed so we can clearly see the meaning.

– SP


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