Effective and ineffective humorous ads

Attached below is my opinion of an ineffective way to use humor in an ad. This ad is for the company post-it and written in little letters it states, “for the little things you forget”. For most people this would be considered offensive and not humorous.

As discussed in class, 30% of ads use humorous appeal and they score high in recall tests. After looking at this ad, am I tempted to go out and buy post-it notes? No, but next time I see someone or use one myself I will recall this ad.

Yes, this ad is humorous, but some people make take offense to it. I believe that the company will probably offend more people than the people that find it funny. I believe this ad is very effective in grabbing attention of those who look at it. By having the logo small and to the side, people are wondering what this is advertising. Having this draws the viewer in and sparks their curiosity. 

The next ad is also in my opinion very funny. This ad is playful and meant for the audience to have a laugh. This ad would not offend anyone like the previous ad. Having such a weird picture grabs the attention of the audience and perks their interest to see what company this is.


–       Both ads place their company and a short phrase at the bottom right hand corner so people are first drawn to the image, and then look to see what company this is.

–       Both ads attempt to be funny


–       First ad can be interpreted in a way that some people would find it offensive.


– Brittany Smith ImageImage


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