Funny Advertisement

After my last post, which was about bad advertising, I found this ad, which I thought, was pretty funny. I thought this was pretty effective ad and it made me laugh when I first seen it. It shows a man to appears to be tearing the corner of the billboard with his teeth. The ad also shows the under pieces of the metal framework of the billboard structure ‘stuck’ to the underside of the billboard that the man is tearing with his teeth. I thought that this was neat touch.

In the bottom left hand corner of the ad we can see the product, which is called ‘Formula’ that looks to be a form of toothpaste that helps to ‘build strong teeth’. I like how the actual product is relatively small compared to the ad as a whole. As it was mentioned in class some company’s can have ‘logoitis’ where they want to put their logo everywhere in an ad. I feel that this ad is more effective because at first my eye is drawn to the man’s head and teeth. Then my eye travels downwards to the actual logo because I was thinking ‘what is this for’ then saw it and figured out the ad as a whole.

I think this ad would be harder to create than others in the aspect of the metal ‘under’ the billboard that is being ‘ripped up’ by the man. This looks difficult because the advertisement appears to be lined up with the actual metal framework underneath. This probably required a lot of measurements and precision to make it look the way it does.

Overall, I do like this as a whole and found it rather amusing.

– Paige Reid funny


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