Photoshop “Uh oh” Moments

Photoshop has the ability to do some incredible things, but when something goes wrong… well, it goes really wrong.

This is a link to an article displaying numerous Photoshop mishaps. It is hilarious to say the least.

Let’s analyze a few of them:

1)      Where’s her leg? Obviously there was a mistake when Photoshopping this one… Awkward.

2)      Where’s the other part of his hand go? Obviously there was a slight smudging mishap here. I didn’t think their skin complexions were THAT similar.

3)      Where did her head go? Extremely poor use of the eraser tool. Quite amusing.

4)      The best one yet. I didn’t know there were humans on Earth who had three hands! Truly remarkable that there are clothes that fit them. Must be on the expensive side?

As I said before, Photoshop does do incredible things but ‘incredible’ can go both ways. Positive and negative. It has the potential to fix and change photos to improve but when people gain hands, lose legs and have chunks missing from their scalp then I think there’s a problem.

My real question to all of this though, is where was the “proof-reading” of these photos? They are all quite embarrassing.

–          Chris


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