Pin away!

For my final post I decided to look at a website that I frequently use-Pinterest. After talking so much in class over the semester about layout and visual appeal I figured Pinterest was a good website to talk about. I as you can see in the photo have a Pinterest account, which I enjoy updating on a regular basis. Therefor, I am an active user and enjoy the website’s layout and functionality.

I like how alignment plays a huge role in the design of their website. As you can see, nothing is just placed any which way- everything that a set place and a set purpose. When ‘pins’ are longer than other pins the shorter ones will weave in around it to eliminate wasted space. This can be seen in this photo towards the left hand side.

Pinterest also uses proximity and groups like things with each other. Under a tab at the top of the web page you have the option to decide what category you would like to look at, view the most popular or random pins. This gives the browser options as to what he/she wants to look at or try and find on the website.

Pinterest is a great way to look up new recipes, craft ideas or to just kill some time. I think that it has functional, recreational and has business purposes. Functional purposes would include those who just want to find a new recipe or craft project. Recreational are those who just want to look at all the pretty things. And finally many businesses, especially clothing companies, are now using Pinterest to share their new pieces and promote their product.

Excuse me, while I proceed to go back to happily pinning!


– Paige Reidpinterest


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