Magazine design and layout

Magazine design and layout

The more I learn about the principles of good design and programs like Photoshop and InDesign, the more I seem to analyze the design layout of various mediums. Before learning about these things and would describe them as either looking good or bad but now I’m able to understand and explain why I think that and what makes them look that way.

I thought this magazine was a great example of awesome design and layout. I think that each page draws in the reader with the bright colour choices and contrasting sizes shapes and colours. I love that they make use of white space making it look very clean, crisp and modern.

On the second last image talking about Amsterdam, I really like how they chose to bold the “I Am” in I Amsterdam. I think without that contrast, the text wouldn’t have the same affect to the reader. I think it’s smart that when they want to highlight important text they don’t just make it bigger, but they use colour to help it stand out from the remaining text.

I notice that each page is very different in terms of colours and pictures but what keeps them all in harmony is the consistency with the alignment of text, assymetrical approach in regards to the photography and diagonal lines, the simplicity, and use of white space.

When I read magazines that look this nice it makes for a more enjoyable read because not only is it informative but it’s also creative and artistic!


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