Rule of Kunis

I have a mild-severe crush on Mila Kunis. Therefore, I will write a blog post based on a movie she was in!

Here is a link to the trailer for Friends with Benefits.

Last semester with Greg Pretty I remember breaking down the Twilight movie trailer for the rule of thirds. I did the same thing for this trailer.

All most every frame is based on the principles of the rule. Faces are consistently on the upper horizontal “line” and either the right or left “vertical” line facing inward. It’s so apparent when you break down the production specifically looking for the usage of the rule of thirds.

It is everywhere.

It even goes as far as nearly always having a person’s eye occupying the intersection of the imaginary lines. Nearly EVERY time.

It’s not even simply used for people though. Even landscaping photos incorporate it.

The lighthouse is located on both horizontal lines and the left vertical one. The skyline does not cut the image in half, but instead it cuts into a third of the picture. Well captured.

I just thought it was funny how much the rule of thirds is used. You don’t think of it unless you purposefully consider it but it makes images so much more appealing to the eye.

–          Chris


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