Leave website design to specialists!


Working as a website and marketing sales consultant, I have the pleasure of speaking to business owners from all over. Some are more established than others and some have larger budgets to work with for their online marketing campaigns. It’s tough sometimes because the quality of a website makes a huge difference when it comes to attracting new clients and for some odd reason, people just simply don’t understand that visual appeal is important. Forget about the search engine optimization and focusing strictly on design, there are a lot of common mistakes that business owners make.

First, they like to content dump. I don’t mean they literally dump their content; rather, they have a large paragraph with important information. It doesn’t work well for viewers because it feels like they are reading an article or a story. Instead, content needs to be listed as bullets or have headers to separate the information. It is very important to understand that the content is geared to the viewers and it needs to be easily readable.

Another common mistake I see with my clients is that they lack a Contact page. The whole point of the website is for clients to find them online for a product or service. The next step is actually calling the business to inquire and without a contact page, you’re elimination yourself from the potential business.

The most common misunderstanding when it comes to website design is that media and flash are good for the website. WRONG. Flash works against the website and actually makes it harder to view the website on various devices such as mobile phones. Google and other search engines do not recognize flash so it actually does no good to have it.

The whole point of having a professionally designed website versus business owners doing it themselves is that the design works in all aspects. The business owners often need to stick to their carpentry business or landscaping services while leaving the website design to specialists.




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